How to Reset Supermicro IPMI Username and Password to Default

This guide will show how to use a DOS LiveCD or USB to modify IPMI users and reset the IPMI BMC to factory defaults. The first step is to get ipmicfg. Supermicro has a package that includes DOS, Windows and Linux versions. The current revision is 1.02.

IPMIcfg dir listing

Since we have physical access to this machine, we are using a DOS LiveCD to do the IPMI Password reset.

IPMIcfg DOS dir listing

The IPMICFG.EXE that one can see above is the tool that we will use. One of the first things that you should do is make sure you get the IPMI IP address and MAC address. Use ipmicfg -m to get this information. It may be a good idea to write this down.

IPMIcfg show ip address and MAC

One of the most useful tools is just creating a new user. During this process, you need three pieces of information:

  1. User Number
  2. User Name
  3. Password
  4. Privileges
The first three are fairly easy. The fourth is a bit harder. IPMI security allows you to use

IPMIcfg DOS user levels

The next thing I will generally do is create a new user. The below creates a user with the username Patrick and the password Password. The user is created in the third spot. User 1 is anonymous and user 2 is ADMIN if that is still active. As will be obvious, it is easy to create a user with an IPMI password that you can use to login.

IPMIcfg DOS add a user at the user level

One thing you may want to consider is making an operator user. Using ipmicfg -user level 3 3 we can turn Patrick (user 3) into an operator (privilege level 3) in that order.

IPMIcfg DOS add a user at the operator level

If this does not work, you can Using ipmicfg -user level 3 4 and then see Patrick changed to an Administrator.

IPMIcfg DOS add a user at the administrator level

All that is well and good, but there is a way to reset the unit to factory defaults, thereby resetting the IPMI password and user to ADMIN / ADMIN. Use ipmicfg -fd and in a few seconds the BMC will restart. It should be noted, while you are restoring to factory defaults, you will not be able to use other commands.

IPMIcfg reset to factory defaults and default IPMI password

As you can see, the Patrick user we created is no longer there. The factory default username and password have been re-enabled.

IPMIcfg user results after reset

Hopefully that quick guide helps those who have a Supermicro server or motherboard with IPMI that they are locked out of. The total process takes a few minutes at most.